Treatment is Available

Continue to Access Treatment
Agencies Still Open & Available

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has made adjustments to enable providers to continue mental health counseling, addiction treatment, and even crisis services. We will be providing more details as they become available. In summary – please don’t assume services aren’t available at this time. Contact your provider to learn about your options. In some cases, you can access services without leaving your home by using cell phones, landlines, and video chat.

The crisis text line is always available by texting HOME to 741741

Local Crisis Hotline 740.996.7127

A client seeking first-time services or a client currently in treatment may receive and continue services in their own home.

If you have symptoms of the virus, you should call your provider before your appointment to identify the best course of action.

All present clients, including people receiving Medication Assisted Treatment, may receive their medications upon coordination with the provider.

Psychiatric patients may continue treatment, including potential telepsychiatry.

Residential facilities are closed to outside visitors. Please contact the facility directly with questions.